Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

The "Car Security" service is a product that can be used by any owner of a motor vehicle - car, motorcycle, ATV, motor boat. It allows you to monitor it at any time and from any place. All you need is internet access. Installation is easy, quick and does not damage the integrity of the motor vehicle.

Track your motor vehicle completely remotely, cut off the fuel supply if you detect theft, any attempt at trespassing, misuse or fraud is registered with exact date, time and location. You easily and quickly react to unforeseen circumstances on the road, such as accidents or crashes. The Locator BG team is specially trained and provides you with control and guaranteed support in any such situation.

The data about your car is available at any time of the day in real time, but this does not mean that the phone is glued to your hand and your eyes glued to the screen. Each movement is stored in our data center and you can always view their movement for a period of your choice, view statistics, print results, find out about fuel consumption and distance covered for the month.

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How Car Security works for you

  • Provides control and security for your motor vehicle 24/7.
  • Provides information about where the vehicle is, at any time of the day, when you are not driving it.
  • Provides information about its current state, motion or rest.
  • Prevents the possibility of theft.
  • Allows remote fuel cutoff.
  • Notifies immediately by SMS in case of suspected assault or crime with your vehicle.
  • Provides assistance in emergency situations and alerts relevant authorities.

Remember these characteristics

You monitor your motor vehicle on an interactive map
You can cut off the fuel supply to the engine remotely
It has a panic button function to connect to our control center.
Locates the location, speed, condition and rest of the motor vehicle
After installation, the built-in device remains hidden and invisible.
Provides multi-functional statistical reports (fuel consumption, distances traveled, motorcycle hours), including for elapsed periods
Fleet Management GPS Map

Product installation

The installation of the product is done by a trained team and does not involve modifications to the vehicle (breaking, drilling or other actions). It takes no more than 60 minutes and you can arrange the date and time for installation with one phone call, at a time convenient for you.

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