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„Locator BG“ Ltd was founded by a team of professionals possessing a clear vision of what every customer needs the most - quality, reliability and security.

For the technical part of its activities „Locator BG“ Ltd relies on the strong skills of the experienced team of professionals working in „Finite Software Systems“ Ltd. Using the know-how of an established brand like „Finite Software Systems“ Ltd, a leader in the field of information technology, „Locator BG“ Ltd continues the tradition by conquering a new market niche in the area of GPS tracking systems, fleet management and personal security. Led by its desire to offer better solutions to the market, „Locator BG“ Ltd aims at the creation of innovative and multifunctional products specific to this sector.

The activity of „Locator BG“ Ltd

„Locator BG“ Ltd has its main focus on the development of GPS systems for fleet management, vehicle and personal tracking. The company has built a new and modern GPS system that allows real-time tracking of multiple objects (cars, trucks, people and packages) on an interactive on-line map. Web-based and developed at the highest professional standards, the tracking system „Locator“ is emerging as a new alternative on the market, offering an innovative approach and competitive prices.

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Team Working

About the system

The tracking system „Locator“ has quickly become an invaluable partner for a number of large Bulgarian companies, offering:

  • Easy access
  • Real-time tracking
  • Constant 24/7 control
An experienced team of professionals guarantees the seamless and smooth operation of the system at all times. All customers of „Locator“ enjoy professional support and immediate reaction when this is required. In combination to the fast and easy installation, which does not involve any permanent changes in the vehicle, „Locator“ is the right choice for every manager, who wants to analyse and optimize the co-operation of different departments within the company.

Accessing the information, collected by the system, is possible from any place in the World and at any time. The only thing, that our customers need, is a computer with access to the Internet. Without the need to pre-install any specialized software, the access to the system is made easy and is available on-demand, without any prior preparations.


What are your advantages when you choose us?

The products of „Locator BG“ aim at becoming your most reliable partner and protector. They are the result of an experienced team constantly working to improve and customize them according to your individual requirements. Our tracking system that includes products like „Fleet Management“, „Vehicle Security“ and „People Tracking“ is designed in such a way, that it guarantees you easy management of your vehicle fleet, increased control and most importantly security for you and your relatives.

The technical implementation of our products is on such a level, that can offer you constant and fast access to the system and always a smooth use. Skilled team of technicians constantly monitors all performance characteristics of the system, its operation and the operation of each individual tracking device. We are always at your disposal for all kinds of questions and additional information.

We value the choice, that every one of you does, when selecting us as their partner. That is why we strive to offer the best service and quality products. With us you receive not only a service, but also our know-how, customized approach in problem solving and attention.

We develop our multi-functional products and services according to your individual needs. You only use that, what you really need.

We constantly expand our system, analyse our work and strive to offer newer, better and higher quality products than anything else currently on the market.

We guarantee security and comfort at a reasobable price.
High quality and competitive prices
Protection for you and your loved ones
Protection of your personal information
Increasing the efficiency of your activity
Continuous access to our tracking system
Reduces fuel and communication costs.
Wide area of coverage for our system

With our service you have the opportunity to track your property everywhere, 24/7 and from any place. The system has a number of fail-safe mechanisms to spot signal jamming and other fraudulent attempts.

Wide wide range of reports and analyses

In addition to the possibility of tracking your device at all times, we offer you a broad range of reports and statistical overviews. We also create individual reports for your in-company analysis.

System support and service of the devices we offer

We have a skilled team of technicians for system maintenance and product support. Our team is constantly at your disposal for any questions you might have.

We offer multifunctional solutions.

You choose what is right for you.

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