Cookies Policy


Cookies are small amounts of information that а web server sends to а web browser enabling the server to collect feedback from the browser. They are stored on your terminal device (such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). Usually, their purpose is to be able to identify your device and its behavior when visiting our Website. Cookies also make your website browsing experience safer and faster by remembering and sending information about your preferences such as your registration data and language.

This Cookies Policy applies only and solely to visitors and have given their explicit consent to the acceptance of this Cookies Policy by confirming a visualized system message therefor.

The use of cookies is carried out for the purpose of ensuring the safe and normal functioning of the Website, prevention of malicious actions; provision of better quality and personalized information in a shorter time.

The legal basis on which cookies are collected is the provision of the said information society service.

The retention period for cookies on your end device is temporary while you are logged in your account and are deleted the moment you log out of your account. For Website visitors the retention period is until closing the browser used for visiting the Website.

If you do not want to accept cookies and also if you want to remove cookies you can adjust the settings of the browser you are using. You know when and whether your browser receives cookies as it informs you upon your first visit. This enables you to accept or decline session cookies.

Your browser may be set to decline cookies. To find out how to do this visit or the Microsoft Cookies Guide

You may choose to remove cookies through the options of the browser you are using but you should take into account that this is likely to affect your interaction with the Website.

Any future changes to our Cookies Policy shall be posted on this page. Any changes shall take effect immediately except as otherwise noted.

We use the following categories of session cookies, among which for example:

1. Cookies ensuring the system functions properly - these cookies include the session ID as well as some other elements necessary for the proper functioning of the system. They implement functions such as login/logout, user account access, direct the browser on the type of communication protocol as well as prevent attempts of abuse, session hijacking, etc. These cookies are necessary and without them the Website cannot function;

2. Statistics - these cookies function in conjunction with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. These cookies track user behavior and other statistical features. If you would like to learn more about them you can find a description of the elements used here: and;

3. Personalization and user friendliness - these are cookies that save the last search, preferred interface language (even without login), functions like "Remember me", etc.