Fleet Management

Fleet Management GPS Map

Fleet Management

The responsibility of managing a fleet probably sounds like a dream job to many. However, you are aware of how many responsibilities this dream carries. The Locator BG product will do a lot of them for you. This way you will be able to spend more time on your cars so that they work at full capacity for you.

The "Fleet Management" service will allow you to:

  • full remote control from anywhere in the world and every minute of the day;
  • constant monitoring and reporting of what is happening with the vehicles and those who drive them;
  • the possibility of rerouting on other routes directly through the system without additional costs;
  • easy tracking of any external intervention on the vehicle, notification of emergency situations or problems on the road;
  • analyses, reports and statistics for your entire entrusted car fleet, including for past periods;
  • an interactive map that visualizes the actions of each of your vehicles.
Fleet Management Trucks
Fleet Management GPS Map

How Fleet Management works for You

  • It allows easy tracking, guaranteed security and constant control.
  • Reduces fuel and communication costs.
  • GPRS traffic is included - at no extra cost.
  • Does not require a contract with a mobile operator.

Remember these characteristics

Tracks location, speed, direction of travel
Displays all objects on an interactive map
Tracks the level and consumption of fuel in the tank
It has a two-way connection with a built-in navigation system.
Offers a list of recent trips.
Detects movement and idling, kilometers traveled, fuel level, engine condition
Provides a personalized report to each user, including for past periods
Provides information reporting via connection to external sensors (temperature, door opening/closing, tank cap, etc.).

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