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Complete control of your vehicle directly from your pocket!

In fact, we fit your entire fleet in it. Even agricultural machinery. In one digital platform.

We turn technical activities into structured and easily traceable operations for every motor vehicle with Locator BG's specialized solutions. We successfully help to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of all your logistics operations.

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Specialized Solutions

All you need is just
an internet connection.

Eco Drive

Eco doesn't just mean green and ecological. Eco doesn't mean more expensive and unprofitable just because it's green. You may not believe it, but ecological driving is economical, smart and efficient.

Ecodrive from Locator BG is a solution that will allow you to introduce this functionality for every vehicle you own, for your entire fleet, even for your personal car.

The functionality is easy to manage through the GPS service we offer and requires nothing more than a desire on your part to cut costs, enforce a culture of fuel-efficient driving, reduce accidents and boast a greener business and -low levels of harmful emissions and greenhouse gases for your entire fleet.

Green Eco Car
Eco Drive Car

EcoDrive does everything for you:

  • Reduces direct fuel costs.
  • It reduces the total maintenance costs of the fleet.
  • Regulates driving style with smooth gear changes.
  • Introduces a culture of fuel economy without frequent changes in speed.
  • Extends the life of vehicles.
  • Minimizes losses and costs in the event of an accident.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas and hydrocarbon emissions when driving.
  • Makes your business green without additional investment.

Temperature sensors

The temperature sensor is not a luxury, nor is it another technical requirement. A temperature sensor is a necessity that is vital for the smooth functioning of your logistics business and the quality delivery you guarantee to your customers.

For all of you who own refrigerated trailers or offer services for the transport of various animal species - the temperature sensor is of primary importance. Thanks to it, with one look at your phone, you will be able to monitor in real time whether the special temperature at which your entrusted cargo must be transported is respected.

Refrigerator Truck
Chart showed on phone and laptop

The temperature sensor provides you with:

  • Real-time reference with exact coordinates
  • Real-time temperature data from the trailers in your fleet
  • Notification when the set temperature norm changes

Video surveillance

The special video surveillance service of Locator BG will allow you full control over the transport activity and management of your vehicles. It allows you to easily and efficiently guide drivers and their cars directly through your computer or mobile phone. Video surveillance can be carried out both on the entire vehicle and on car trailers.

The video surveillance solution gives you a view of the location, allows you to monitor the movement of vehicles through video recorders in real time and, if necessary, redirect them to other routes. The service also allows you to rewind to check driver and machine status at specific times and optimize control of your entrusted fleet.

Video Camera
Video Control in Truck

The introduction of the Video Surveillance service works for you in several directions:

  • Save time.
  • Save costs.
  • You optimize the available human and transport resource in multiples.
  • You ensure control and compliance with the imposed rules and procedures.
  • You increase the efficiency of your operational activity.
  • You receive inquiries and reports, both on the operation of each vehicle and its driver, including violations, and on its operation.

GPS for wood transportation

Since 2015, the installation of a GPS solution for timber transport has been a mandatory legal requirement. If your business is related to logging or logistics services for the transport of timber, we have an efficient and easy-to-implement solution that meets all the requirements of the Forestry Executive Agency (FGA).

It is important to know that buying a GPS is not enough. In addition to getting a quality GPS device, it's important to make sure it's installed correctly. The device must transmit information about the location of the vehicle in real time. It is mandatory for the GPS system to keep information, and for you to have access to data about the routes the truck has taken in the last three calendar months. The Locator BG solution will take care of all this for you and you will get access to all the necessary information.

Our team will provide you with specialized installation, an internet platform for continuous monitoring and constant access to various references and data about your vehicles. We also provide the full set of documents required by IAG and RDG for certification and installation of the GPS system.

Truck with log
Man in truck holding documents

The GPS service for transporting wood from Locator BG will give you:

  • High tech GPS solution;
  • Complete service with installation according to the requirements of the customer and those of the control authorities;
  • Quality service and subsequent service control;
  • Control over the vehicles you drive regarding compliance with the schedule, routes and instructions submitted by you;
  • The legally required Certificate for GPS service with access granted to the RDG to the tracking system.

Service module

This is a service that literally thinks for you and will be the ultimate helper in not forgetting a single element of the maintenance of your fleet, whether it consists of one, three, ten or a hundred vehicles.

The service module of Locator BG will be your right hand, which will remind you when to change the tires, the oil, when to pay the insurance and civil liability, when to go for a technical inspection, when the warranty periods expire and paid vignettes.

In short, you have an electronic service book in which all the information about each vehicle is always with you and always available. And so that you don't forget about its existence, the service is organized in such a way that you can set the possibility to remind you by email or SMS about everything that interests you. You can add and remove categories, customize all of its content so that you receive exactly the notifications that will work best for you.

Truck Maintenance
Service history

The service module does all this for you:

  • Reminds you of all important maintenance events for your vehicles and when you need to take replacement action.
  • Provides electronic access to all vehicle parameters from any internet-enabled device.
  • Provides a complete vehicle record with all repairs, notifying you in advance of upcoming services.
  • Provides a large number of parameters related to vehicle operation, allowing you to monitor load levels and prevent overheating and overloading accordingly.
  • Automatically generates a periodic expense report for each car after you enter your expenses (including lease payments, emergency repairs, extras, even fuel bills)
  • Calculates a cost per kilometer for each vehicle - if you have a logistics business this will help you more easily price your freight.

Connection with on-board computer - monitoring consumption and fuel level

The On-Board Computer Connection service allows you to accurately and efficiently measure the fuel level and consumption of every vehicle in your fleet. Such a solution is extremely practical if you want to optimize the logistics part of your business, because it reports specific and accurate data on the fuel level at a given time, the amount of fuel consumed, the distance traveled, the engine temperature, the vehicle's revolutions. The system analyzes the data and provides it in an accessible and comprehensible form for the assessment of actual fuel consumption and possible abuse of it.

The specialized Locator BG solution provides the complete management and control system with a package service that includes a CAN bus. The CAN bus connects to the vehicle's on-board computer and provides complete information on its indicators, without the need to install probes, visualizes them on the platform and is available to you at all times. You have access to an easy-to-manage interface with information and data from the on-board computer, installation and service support of the equipment.

Refueling car
Chart on Laptop Screen

The On-Board Computer Connection solution works for you as:

  • Controls fuel consumption and prevents possible malicious actions, with negative consequences for your fleet.
  • Allows you to enter a rate of consumption per 100 km, and in case of results below or above it, you will receive a visual report on economy, over-consumption, as well as notifications in case of greater consumption.
  • Helps to resolve cases related to incorrect reporting of actual fuel amounts in the tank or sharp deviations in fuel consumption.
  • Provides access to multiple fuel consumption parameters both stationary and in motion.
  • Generates fuel consumption reports and graphs. Based on the references, you can track and analyze the actual cost of a given vehicle over a certain period of time.
  • Enables you to reduce fuel consumption by over 30% and detect nearly 100% of thefts.

For farmers

As a farmer, the correct and efficient use and management of agricultural machinery is of key importance for the prosperity of your business. Locator BG provides a complete package of specialized solutions that will allow you to use the maximum of each of the agricultural machines under your control. Our solutions will reduce your fuel costs, optimize operating costs, significantly increase work efficiency and processing productivity, prevent possible theft and abuse, and increase the discipline of your drivers.

Most importantly - our specialized solutions work personally and are created to comply with your specific requirements, the type of your business and the agricultural equipment you use. We report operation and efficiency data through various sensors that we can place and customize depending on what parameters are important to monitor for each of your machines.

Combine harvesting
Ğ¢ractor tire tracks

The dedicated solution for farmers does it all for you:

  • Tracks moto hours, speed, movement, duration and how the machine is operated by each driver.
  • Allows routing and rerouting, as well as diversion control and possible violations.
  • Enables the calculation of tolls if there is a need for them.
  • Provides a personalized solution from the farm equipment you use.
  • Gives control over the processing quality of agricultural areas based on preset parameters for spraying, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, etc.
  • Limits gaps when processing agricultural areas.
  • Allows you to monitor fuel consumption.
  • Provides an electronic service file with information about each machine and with the possibility of notification of upcoming events and repairs related to its maintenance.

We offer multifunctional solutions.

You choose what is right for you.

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