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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

„Fleet Management“ is invaluable in the process of activity optimization in your company. If your company's business is in the area of transportation, rent-a-car services, or any other area that requires a vehicle fleet, our products and services are exactly what you need.

We offer a product that aids your business by providing continuous reporting on what is happening to vehicles and their drivers. With our products you will always be aware of any unwanted interference in your vehicle fleet, as well as any emergencies or problems that occur on the road. You get quick and easy control of your fleet.

All the characteristics of our product speak for one - it can be your helpful guide to what's happening with your business resources. In addition to this, with „Fleet Management“ you get a wide range of reports and statistics that will help you ensure the proper execution of business processes in your company.

Why choose this product?

This product is an indispensable tool for general surveillance of the operation of your vehicles and their drivers. With „Fleet Management“ you save time and money by tracking in real-time all the actions of your employees, vehicles and routes on which they operate. This way you increase the effectiveness of your business activities and develop the full potential of your company's resources.

„Fleet Management“ provides you with higher level of management and control for your business and on the other hand with an opportunity for you to achieve maximum coordination between different departments. This way the our service becomes an irreplaceable assistant in the proper utilization of available resources.

„Fleet Management“ is much more than a device for monitoring and control. It is a handy tool for you to manage your work and ensure proper operation at all times.

Basic features and capabilities

Specifics and product characteristics

Basic indicators that the system can monitor: