Advantages - Why choose us?

The products of „Locator BG“ aim at becoming your most reliable partner and protector. They are the result of an experienced team constantly working to improve and customize them according to your individual requirements. Our tracking system that includes products like „Fleet Management“, „Vehicle Security“ and „People Tracking“ is designed in such a way, that it guarantees you easy management of your vehicle fleet, increased control and most importantly security for you and your relatives.

The technical implementation of our products is on such a level, that can offer you constant and fast access to the system and always a smooth use. Skilled team of technicians constantly monitors all performance characteristics of the system, its operation and the operation of each individual tracking device. We are always at your disposal for all kinds of questions and additional information.

We value the choice, that every one of you does, when selecting us as their partner. That is why we strive to offer the best service and quality products. With us you receive not only a service, but also our know-how, customized approach in problem solving and attention.

What you get:

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