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Fraud detection

Fraud detection

Предотвратяване на измами

„Fraud detection“ protects you from misuse of company property and inadequate behavior of your employees. The special techniques, used in our tracking devices, are developed based on real-life szenarios and are able to detect fraud and misuses of different kinds. They report each time when such an event occurs.

You receive constant information about all the vehicles in your fleet and the way they are used. You have at your disposal a number of reports on current events, short- and long-term statistics, data analysis collected from the tracking devices about current and past periods.

„Fraud detection“ mostly applies to our product „Fleet management“, which is targeted at companies that have their main focus in areas like: transport and logistics, freight forwarding, rent-a-car, distribution and all kinds of other businesses, that manage a company vehicle fleet.

Common examples of fraudulent employee behavior are: fuel theft, theft of materials from the cargo area of the vehicle, violation of speed restrictions and the driving time limits, crossing of explicitly prohibited areas and personal use of company property. All these situations are easily detected by our system.

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