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Declaring tolls through LocatorBG

Tolls payment via GPS device or on-board unit (OBU)

Declaring tolls

What is Toll?

Motor vehicles over 3,5 tons are charged for using the paid road network based on the travelled distance. The Toll system started as of March, the 1st 2020, covering a total of 3,115km, including motorways (804km) and main roads (2,311km). RIA has a free Toll calculator, which can be found on https://trots.bgtoll.bg/ where the specified paid roads and prices can be checked.

LocatorBG Licence

By decision of the Management Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) № 23820/19 dated 20.11.2019, LocatorBG Ltd. was registered as a Provider of Declared Data (PDD).This entitles LocatorBG to send data for the kilometers traveled to the RIA from the installed GPS devices or on-board units, and on the basis of these data RIA charges tolls to the respective carrier company.

There are three options for joining the Toll system and tolls payment:

Declaring Tolls using GPS

As a benefit, LocatorBG’s clients will receive the service for managing and fleet control through LocatorBG’s platform and automatically transferring data to the Toll system.

Declaring Tolls using OBU

Despite using GPS devices, tolls could be declared also using an on-board unit. It is especially intended for sending data to the toll system only. The on-board units could be ordered from Locator BG.

Route map

Route map is an advanced electronic payment for a defined route. It is appropriate for vehicles which travel rarely in the paid road network and are able to plan ahead their routes. The defined route may be completed in a 24-hour timeframe. This application could be submitted not later than 7 days before travel by licenced users. Route maps could be bought online or at the gates for electronic passes in the country.

What is needed for toll system registration?

Applying for registration in the Toll system,it is necessary to submit information for the preferred equipment - GPS device or on-board unit, company/private individual data, your fleet including:

You can email us your application at: support@locatorbg.com
Signed agreement on automatically declared data for the Toll system is a must.

Paying tolls and payment guarantee

The due toll fees are paid every 14 or 30 calendar days, depending on the terms of the toll contract. Payment guarantee is necessary via bank statement, deposit or a promissory note. The amount of the guarantee is defined as an average assessment of kilometers per month and the individual price for the vehicle per kilometer.


Locator BG is incharge to promptly notify the client via email and/or text message, using the provided contact details:

Additional conditions could be found in the agreement for automatic data declaring for the Toll system.