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Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

Our „Vehicle Security“ service allows you to locate your vehicle at any time and from any place. The only thing you need is a computer with an active Internet connection. You can track your vehicle remotely from a distance. In the case of suspected theft, you can remotely cut the engine's fuel supply, preventing unwanted outcome.

This way you will feel much more secure against unforeseen situations and act calm and confident at all times. Any intrusion attempts, misuse and fraud are registered along with the exct date, time and location information. The data is stored in our data centre and is available to you at any time 24/7. You can always choose from several system options: real time vehicle tracking, vehicle movements in the past, print out a variety of statistical reports or a number of useful statistics on fuel consumption and distance travelled.

Why choose this product?

Most importantly, this product provides you with continuous monitoring of your vehicle and ensures its security. The device maintains a constant connection to our data centres, allowing you to receive information on-demand. Furthermore, we provide you with an up-link to the tracking device, allowing you to cut the vehicle's fuel supply remotely. In the case of suspected theft, you will be notified immediately. We support several notification options, including SMS, e-mail and others.

In case of an emergency, accident or injury on the road you can easily use the built-in panic button to contact our control centre. We promptly pass the information to different institutions (Police, Road Help, Ambulance).

„Vehicle Security“ is a product suitable for all car owners. It increases the security of your property and can prevent different kinds of fraud or theft attempts. You act calm and confident in exceptional situations on the road. We guarantee you our support in such situations.

Basic features and capabilities

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