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„Locator BG“ Ltd was founded by a team of professionals possessing a clear vision of what every customer needs the most - quality, reliability and security.

For the technical part of its activities „Locator BG“ Ltd relies on the strong skills of the experienced team of professionals working in „Finite Software Systems“ Ltd. Using the know-how of an established brand like „Finite Software Systems“ Ltd, a leader in the field of information technology, „Locator BG“ Ltd continues the tradition by conquering a new market niche in the area of GPS tracking systems, fleet management and personal security. Led by its desire to offer better solutions to the market, „Locator BG“ Ltd aims at the creation of innovative and multifunctional products specific to this sector.

Finite Software Systems Ltd.

„Finite Software Systems“ Ltd was established in 2007 as the main outsourcing partner and distributor of its foreign partners. The company has managed to develop its potential and take a leading position on the market, offering a wide range of products and services in the field of information technology.

The company's activity is mainly focused on the development of property management systems and interfaces for connection between different software and hardware components. The company also deals with networking, Web and Desktop based applications, database design and distributed systems.

The activity of „Locator BG“ Ltd

„Locator BG“ Ltd has its main focus on the development of GPS systems for fleet management, vehicle and personal tracking. The company has built a new and modern GPS system that allows real-time tracking of multiple objects (cars, trucks, people and packages) on an interactive on-line map. Web-based and developed at the highest professional standards, the tracking system „Locator“ is emerging as a new alternative on the market, offering an innovative approach and competitive prices.

About the system

The tracking system „Locator“ has quickly become an invaluable partner for a number of large Bulgarian companies, offering an easy access, real-time tracking and constant 24/7 control. An experienced team of professionals guarantees the seamless and smooth operation of the system at all times. All customers of „Locator“ enjoy professional support and immediate reaction when this is required. In combination to the fast and easy installation, which does not involve any permanent changes in the vehicle, „Locator“ is the right choice for every manager, who wants to analyse and optimize the co-operation of different departments within the company.

Accessing the information, collected by the system, is possible from any place in the World and at any time. The only thing, that our customers need, is a computer with access to the Internet. Without the need to pre-install any specialized software, the access to the system is made easy and is available on-demand, without any prior preparations.

Deploying and integrating „Locator“ into your everyday work offers you a number of advantages. With our system you get the possibility to: