Fleet Management

The main advantages of our products include:

  • Reduction of your communication expenses
  • Easy tracking and continuous control
  • Detailed information from vehicle instrument readings
  • Reports for past periods and statistics

Continuous indication of a number of important values like:

  • Location
  • Movement course and speed
  • Engine status
  • Trips, timings and travelled distances
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Declaring tolls

The GPS devices of Locator BG allow for automatic reporting and payment of tolls for the paid road network on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  • Locator BG is a licensed Provider of declared data.
  • Logging into the toll system is done both through existing GPS and to newly installed ones.
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Vehicle Security

Our "Vehicle Security" solution makes it possible for you to locate your vehicle at any time and even lock its engine down in case of attempted theft. The tracking devices are suitable for any kind of vehicle like:

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • ATV
  • Boats

Installation is done by our qualified team of engineers and does not require damaging parts of your vehicle.

The tracking devices keep a continuous connection to our data centres.

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